Workforce Data Quality Campaign

Workforce Data Quality Campaign (WDQC) is a non-profit, non-partisan project of National Skills Coalition. Our initiative promotes federal and state policies that provide stakeholders (students/workers, employers, policymakers, educators/practitioners) with actionable data that is effectively used to assess and improve our nation’s education and workforce strategies. 

To achieve its vision, WDQC encourages Congress and federal agencies to strengthen support for strategic data collection, management, and use that protects individual privacy while enabling analysis and research. At the state level, the WDQC promotes policies that empower high-quality state longitudinal data systems and shares best practices through publications, technical assistance, and peer-to-peer meetings.  

WDQC was created in 2012 by convening stakeholders from across the education and workforce development spectrum, along with researchers and technical data experts from the state and federal levels. We continuously engage dozens of national, state, and local organizations to develop and encourage data policy reform.