Fiscal Year 2017 Appropriations Letters to House and Senate

WDQC sent letters to the House and Senate Subcommittees on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies to recommend increasing funding levels for selected programs in the Departments of Education and Labor. 

Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) grants provided by the Department of Education (ED), and the Workforce Data Quality Initiative (WDQI) grants from the Department of Labor (DOL) have led to the creation and advancements in the use of longitudinal data systems throughout the country. WDQC recommended increasing funding for ED’s SLDS grants to $81 million and DOL’s WDQI grants to $40 million for Fiscal Year (FY) 2017.

The letters also recommended increasing funding levels for DOL's Workforce Information/E-Tools, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. WDQC also joined letters sent by the Friends of Labor Statistics (House and Senate), and a letter organized by Results for America ("Invest in What Works").

WDQC is urging the committees to support these programs that provide the crucial data needed to ensure that our nation is educating its students and workers to succeed in the 21st century economy.