Credential Conversation

April 10, 2014

A group of national experts on education and workforce policy released a report this week that identifies problems in the current credentialing system and calls for improvements to increase transparency, trust and portability.

WDQC Director Rachel Zinn signed on to the report, “Call for a National Conversation on Creating a Competency-based Credentialing Ecosystem," along with leaders from partner organizations Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP), National Skills Coalition and New America Foundation.

The report notes that employers, students, workers and policymakers are increasingly unable to determine the quality of credentials because the credentialing market is so complex. It outlines a vision for the widespread use of competency-based credentials with validated quality, and poses questions designed to jumpstart a conversation about the vision among employers, professional societies, government, training providers and other key stakeholders.

The paper aligns with WDQC’s advocacy for better data on credentials. In addition to being able to measure attainment of a range of credentials — including non-degree credentials like certificates, certifications and licenses — multiple constituencies would benefit from information about their quality and value.