Examining State Data Usage

by Rachel Zinn
March 25, 2014

WDQC and the Data Quality Campaign, a national partner that promotes effective use of data by education stakeholders, today released a fact sheet that looks at how states are utilizing workforce data to help prepare students for successful careers.

The fact sheet is based on information from the 2013 Data for Action survey of states conducted by the Data Quality Campaign. The survey showed that 19 states securely link K–12 and workforce data systems, and 24 states securely link postsecondary and workforce data systems. Linkages to workforce data systems include connections to Unemployment Insurance wage records and data from at least one workforce program, such as those funded by the Workforce Investment Act.

The survey asked several other questions associated with WDQC’s State Blueprint, which recommends that states have an inclusive, cross-agency data governance council and conduct skills gap analyses to assess alignment between education/training programs and labor market demand.

WDQC plans to continue working with national and state partners to assess the progress of states on implementing the State Blueprint, and will share these results as they become available.

A supplementary data file from the 2013 Data for Action survey is available here from the Data Quality Campaign.