Federal Committee to Advise on Workforce and LMI Systems

Christina Pena
April 13, 2016

The Secretary of Labor recently appointed 14 members to the new Workforce Information Advisory Council (WIAC).

The WIAC is a Federal Advisory Committee of workforce and labor market information (LMI) experts representing national, state, and local data and information producers and consumers. WIAC is legislatively mandated by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) to evaluate and suggest improvements to the nationwide workforce and LMI system, and statewide systems that make up the nationwide system. The WIAC will also assess how the Department of Labor and states can best cooperate to manage these efforts. 

Council members will meet at least two times per year and will report their recommendations to the Secretary. The Department of Labor anticipates that in the process of forming these recommendations, WIAC members will analyze workforce and LMI issues, and take into account new technologies, data, and innovative approaches with the goal of informing policymaking and improving program development.

We are pleased to note that WDQC nominated Andrew Reamer, one of our advisors and Research Professor at The George Washington Institute of Public Policy. We also regularly work with several of the state agency and LMI representatives who have been selected to serve on the Council.

WDQC congratulates the new WIAC members and looks forward to hearing their suggestions.