Maine Focuses on Wage Data

by Michelle Massie
December 23, 2014

Maine has launched an ambitious effort to promote several legislative activities that would enhance the state’s reporting of employment outcomes and get significant information into the hands of consumers.

Maine's State Education and Employment Outcomes Task Force released its first annual report, which contains a series of recommendations, among which are adding: wage data, data from private colleges, data from adult and career and technical education, data on graduates’ licensure status and an additional level of hierarchy to enable more detailed reporting of educational credentials.

By studying best practices from other states, the Task Force has also recommended proposed legislation that would require enhanced data sharing with public and private postsecondary educational institutions. 

The report does not offer specifics of how these recommendations will be put into effect. However, it should be noted that this is the first step in the state’s efforts to enhance the design and content of the education and employment outcomes database website to be more robust with information and user-friendly.

The Task Force was created by state law to develop procedures to maintain and disseminate information from the Maine Department of Labor’s education and employment outcomes database. The Task Force consists of 15 members, including four ex-officio members (including officials from the Department of Education, Department of Labor, the Finance Authority of Maine and the administrator of the education and employment outcomes database) and 11 others appointed by either the Governor, President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House.

As Maine continues to uplift many of the best practices supported by WDQC, we will monitor future developments in regards to the state’s employment outcomes website, as well as similar efforts launched in other states.