New Report Showcases Multi-state Agreements

by Michelle Massie
November 24, 2014

A new report released by WDQC today, Crossing Boundaries: Regional Data Sharing to Study Worker Mobility, focuses on the feasibility of forming regional data sharing agreements to more carefully track employment outcomes and study worker mobility. 

With increasing student debt, scrutiny over public investments in higher education and on-going debates regarding the strength of the U.S. economy, many people are interested in the labor market outcomes of graduates from our nation’s workforce development and postsecondary programs. Students, workers, employers, educators and policymakers all want to know if program graduates are getting good jobs.

The report aims to help administrators of state workforce, higher education and Unemployment Insurance agencies to think through the viability of forming such data sharing agreements. By showcasing two case studies of successful partnerships, Crossing Boundaries helps readers to work through the process of forming similar agreements.