Ohio Revamps Dashboard

by Michelle Massie
March 13, 2015

Ohio joins a growing list of states that recognize the need for access to better data to make informed decisions regarding public investments in workforce programs. In an effort to help workforce program administrators and policymakers assess program performance, the state recently rolled out its new Workforce Success Measures dashboard.

The dashboard tool will aid in answering questions about the effectiveness of Ohio’s workforce development system by measuring outcomes of crucial programs, including: Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, adult basic education, Perkins career and technical education, and state financial aid and scholarships for higher education, such as the Ohio College Opportunity Grant and Choose Ohio First Scholarship. 

The measures show how well programs:

• Connect individuals to employment;
• Provide training which results in industry-recognized credentials;
• Increase participants’ overall earnings; and
• Meet the needs of employers.

Program data will be analyzed by each workforce program at the state, region, county, and local program provider level.

The Ohio Education Research Center worked with the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation to create the Workforce Success Measures dashboard.

One of the key actions of WDQC’s policy agenda is to promote the development and use of dashboards in order to regularize reporting to the Governor and state legislature on education and employment outcomes across all education and workforce programs.

Dashboards use a small number of common metrics to report education and employment outcomes across workforce programs. Key metrics indicate completion rates, employment, and earnings. Dashboards can help leaders better align workforce and education programs with each other and with the labor market, close skill gaps for employers, and ultimately improve individuals’ employment and earnings.

Last fall, California passed a dashboard bill. Texas, Washington, and Virginia also have promising examples of dashboards for policymakers.