WIOA Reporting Templates Proposed

by Rachel Zinn
July 22, 2015

The U.S. Departments of Education and Labor today posted proposed templates and data definitions for performance information required under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

A Federal Register notice provides background and guidelines for reviewing these five documents: statewide performance reporting template, training provider reporting template, supporting statement, individual record layout, and data element specifications.

Enacted last year, WIOA made significant changes to the performance requirements for workforce programs. WIOA makes all its programs accountable for the same core metrics: employment (or education for youth) after program exit; median earnings; credential attainment; measurable skill gains; and employer engagement.

WIOA also directed the Departments of Education and Labor to work together on developing templates for states, local areas and training providers to report program outcomes. Training providers must report key outcomes for all their students, not just those receiving funding through a WIOA program.

The proposed reporting templates show information on education and employment outcomes disaggregated by several categories, such as age, ex-offender status, and English Language Learners. WIOA programs have come under fire for not adequately serving people with the most challenges, so these categories are an attempt to make interactions with hard-to-serve groups more transparent and get the workforce system to focus on this issue.

The eligible training provider reports are intended to help American Job Centers and individuals assess the quality of different training courses, and direct WIOA training vouchers to schools and other organizations that provide training which leads to good jobs.

Comments on the proposals may be submitted until September 21 through www.regulations.gov. The Docket ID is ETA-2015-0007.

In a supporting statement, the Departments note that they are specifically seeking comments on the "method of collecting and displaying the data for the Eligible Training Provider (ETP) Performance Report on a standardized template and how to maximize the value of the template for workers, job-seekers, employers, local elected officials, State officials, Federal policymakers, and other key stakeholders."

WDQC will consult with our network of partners and advisors to develop an appropriate response to the performance reporting proposals.