Workforce Data Explained: Connecting Certification Data to Workforce Success

Christina Pena
April 27, 2016

In this latest video from WDQC, Renah Wolzinger of "Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and the Economy," California Community Colleges; and Matthew Meyer of STEM Innovations, North Carolina Community College System, talk about the Workforce Credentials Coalition. This growing Coalition of national and state-based education leaders and experts aim to ensure that community colleges across the United States have better access to certification outcomes to better serve students and industry.


Renah Wolzinger and Matthew Meyer talk to WDQC about the Workforce Credentials Coalition

Industry-based certifications are credentials awarded by private certifying bodies (not schools or governments) that are based on an individual demonstrating designated knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform a specific occupation or skill.   
The labor market has seen immense growth in industry-based certifications, and the Coalition strives for a better understanding of how these certifications work for students in the labor market. Part of this effort involves educational institutions establishing data sharing relationships with certifying bodies to ensure programs align with industry standards. 
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This is WDQC's sixth video in the Workforce Data Explained series.  

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