Webinar: Employing WRIS2

Thursday, June 12, 2014
Employing WRIS2: Sharing Wage Records Across States to Track Program Outcomes

Students, workers, employers, educators and policymakers are keenly interested in the labor market outcomes of graduates from workforce and education programs. Many states use their wage records to find out whether program completers got good jobs. But to fully capture the outcomes for a mobile 21st century workforce, states need to be able to share wage records across their boundaries. Listen to the webinar recording or view the PowerPoint slides

Workforce Data Quality Campaign led a discussion about the Wage Record Interchange System (WRIS) 2, which allows states to exchange wage records for program reporting. The webinar shared information from WDQC's recent report, including:

  • Why it is important to share wage records across state lines;
  • How WRIS2 operates and ways that states can use the system; and
  • Examples of states that are using WRIS2.

Rachel Zinn, Director, Workforce Data Quality Campaign
John Glen, Oregon Employment Department
Ruben Garcia, Texas Workforce Commission