Metrics For Career Pathways

Create consistent metrics across education and workforce programs to facilitate program alignment and integration into state data systems.

State Blueprint in Action

The Alliance for Quality Career Pathways is a group of ten states (Arkansas, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin) that is developing shared metrics for career pathway systems. Career pathways reorient existing education and workforce services into a structure that focuses on the workforce needs of employers and on the education and training needs of individuals as they pursue their career paths. The effort is led by the ten states and facilitated by the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP), a WDQC national partner. States are currently testing a set of metrics that include educational outcomes (e.g. credit accumulation, certificate attainment) and labor market outcomes (e.g. employment placement rates, initial earnings). These metrics would give multiple programs shared outcome measures and similar definitions, such as measuring "initial earnings" as the median earnings in the second and third quarters after career pathway exit. Several of the states are integrating the metrics testing into state data system development projects.

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