Feedback Reports to Programs & Institutions

Establish the means for all education and workforce programs to access de-identified, aggregate data about graduates’ long-term employment and education outcomes.

State Blueprint in Action

The Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) receives state Unemployment Insurance (UI) wage records each quarter and matches them with student data to provide its colleges with aggregate employment outcomes by institution and by program. To protect student privacy, KCTCS does not share results for any programs with fewer than ten graduates. Colleges look at whether program graduates are getting good jobs when they are deciding to expand particular offerings. 

Maine provides reports to all of its community colleges and public four-year universities about the outcomes of their graduates. The state’s Department of Labor collects student records from the colleges, matches them with Maine Unemployment Insurance wage data, and then reports to schools the aggregate employment rate and average earnings for each program of study. Annual earnings are measured beginning six months after graduation. The state’s Department of Education assists with the reports by providing National Student Clearinghouse data, which allows colleges to look at additional education enrollment by their students after transfer or graduation. Colleges are saving money by using data matching instead of surveys to follow up on their students, and are using the information to show the value of postsecondary credentials in the labor market. 

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