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Data Sharing MOU Between State Agencies
In Spring 2016, the North Carolina Department of Commerce and the North Carolina Community College System signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to share data that can populate the state's Common Follow-up System (CFS), and help the Community College System fulfill reporting and evaluation requirements.





Workforce Data Explained: Connecting Certification Data to Workforce Success
Renah Wolzinger and Matthew Meyer talk to WDQC about the Workforce Credentials Coalition.




WDQC Webinar: Credential Data Pioneers
Listen to Matthew Meyer talk about the inception of the Workforce Credentials Coalition at 27:20 minutes into the webinar, YouTube, April 2014.




First Meeting of the Workforce Credentials Coalition
Hosted by the New America Foundation, April 7, 2014.




Credential Data Pioneers: Forging New Partnerships to Measure Certifications and Licenses
This report features a case study about the Workforce Credentials Coalition, by Michelle Massie, Workforce Data Quality Campaign, April 2014.




Measuring Alternative Educational Credentials: 2012
Stephanie Ewert and Robert Kominski, U.S. Census Bureau Report, January 2014.




The Credential Transparency Initiative - Now Credential Engine
Led by the George Washington University’s Institute of Public Policy, Workcred – an affiliate of the American National Standards Institute, and Southern Illinois University, CTI worked to create greater coherence and transparency in the U.S. credentialing marketplace. Credential Engine has taken this initiative forward.




Connecting Credentials
A National Dialogue on Building a Learning-Based Credentialing System, managed by the Center for Law and Social Policy and the Corporation for a Skilled Workforce. 




Career and Technical Education Resources from Community for Accredited Online Schools
Career Guidebook | Online Options for Vocational and Trade Schools | Financial Aid and Scholarships | Vocational and Trade School for those with Disabilities | Guide for Veterans