State Funding

Commit state resources, in addition to whatever federal support is available, to develop and maintain these data reporting systems for ongoing use by individuals, educators and policymakers in the state.

State Blueprint in Action

Arkansas has strong support from its governor and legislature for developing and maintaining a longitudinal data system. This support has resulted in continued state funding for system operations, which supplements the money received through federal grants. In 2011, the state passed a law that mandates reporting on student outcomes in the labor market. This reporting can be achieved using the state’s data system, which allows linkages between education records and wage data.

The Minnesota legislature appropriated $882,000 in fiscal year 2014 and $882,000 in fiscal year 2015 to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education and the Minnesota Office of Enterprise Technology to maintain infrastructure of the state’s longitudinal education data system and to acquire additional data through purchase and development. Furthermore, the state’s Department of Employment and Economic Development received $500,000 for two years to support pilot projects to leverage the wealth of data in the workforce-education longitudinal data system database to promote better alignment between employer requirements and workforce qualifications.

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