WDQC Legislative and Administrative Recommendation

Workforce Data Quality Campaign (WDQC) released specific recommendations for federal action — both legislative and administrative — that would support better data for accountability, transparency and program improvement. These recommendations build on the principles set in the WDQC policy agenda and the input from policy experts, state leaders, researchers, employer advocates and practitioners across the education and workforce spectrum.

WDQC’s legislative recommendations focus on improving the reporting of key outcomes, including credential attainment and post-program employment, across federally funded education and workforce programs. WDQC also proposed restructuring federal grants for state longitudinal data systems to incentive the interagency collaboration needed to build and utilize inclusive data.

WDQC also outlines several actions the Obama Administration could take now — without changes in law — to improve education and workforce data. The administrative recommendations are designed to assist in three goals:

·         Measure program outcomes to help educators, students, workers and policymakers make smarter choices.

·         Align education/training programs with labor market demand.

·         Improve matching between jobseekers and open positions.

These recommendations are designed to start productive conversations about ways that federal policy can encourage more accurate, comprehensive education and workforce data to insure education and workforce programs are preparing people to succeed in the 21st century labor market.