Webinar: Measuring Certifications & Licenses

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Credential Data Pioneers: Forging New Partnerships to Measure Certifications and Licenses

Colleges, states and the federal government have traditionally tracked the attainment of associate and bachelor's degrees, but recent research suggested that there are other types of credentials that matter to employers. This webinar highlighted steps taken by some states and schools to broker data-sharing agreements with certification bodies and licensing agencies in order to better understand the attainment and value of selected non-degree credentials. The case studies were featured in WDQC's new report on credential measurement. 

Watch the webinar recording or view the PowerPoint slides.

Carol Rogers, Deputy Director, Indiana Business Research Center
Catherine Imperatore, Research Manager, Association for Career and Technical Education
Matthew Meyer, Associate Vice President, STEM Innovations, North Carolina Community College System
Moderated by Michelle Massie, Policy Analyst, Workforce Data Quality Campaign