Count More Students

Increase the percentage of students and participants across all education and workforce programs included in state longitudinal data systems.

State Blueprint in Action

Minnesota is working to include adult basic education (ABE) students in its longitudinal data analyses. The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system conducted an analysis of ABE student enrollment and completion at its schools. The system contracted with the Minnesota Department of Education to access student records on five years of ABE participants. The ABE participant data has been linked to system enrollment records, as well as to Unemployment Insurance wage records. These data linkages enabled Minnesota to analyze ABE students’ college enrollment, persistence, and credential attainment, as well as their employment outcomes. Minnesota is working toward an ongoing capacity to perform this type of data linkage to better understand students’ varied education and career trajectories. 

North Dakota has a state labor agency that administers several workforce programs, including Unemployment Insurance, Workforce Investment Act (WIA), Wagner-Peyser, and Trade Adjustment Assistance. Data on participants in these programs is being incorporated in a data warehouse, which will protect individual privacy while storing longitudinal wage records and program participant data. This workforce data will be linked to educational data in the existing state data system according to the conditions of interagency data sharing agreements. North Dakota’s enhanced data system will facilitate new research projects, including a report on the ability of jobseekers with different levels of education to find employment.

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