Labor Market Information Capacity & Use

Improve labor market information collection and analysis capacity, and ensure such data is made accessible to a variety of audiences.

State Blueprint in Action

Arizona’s Department of Administration’s Office of Employment and Population Statistics maintains a publicly-accessible website containing state labor market information (LMI). Some of the labor market and demographic information for Arizona available on this site includes: local area employment and unemployment statistics, occupation and industry employment estimates and projections, wage survey data and population data. These types of data can help people understand a state’s economy and make informed labor market choices. In addition, the Arizona Department of Education incorporates occupation information on its public Arizona Career Information System site. This online planning tool is designed to help high school students explore postsecondary education and careers.

Virginia has developed several web-based tools to make labor market information more easily accessible to the public. For example, community profiles provide tables and graphs with information about demographics, employment patterns, occupational projections and educational attainment. The profiles are available for many different levels of geography, including cities, counties, congressional districts and community college regions. With a quick search, users can find out that Virginia Commonwealth University is the largest employer in the city of Richmond, or that biomedical engineering is a growing occupation in the Northern Virginia Community College region.

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