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States Getting Private Postsecondary Institution Data

Jenna Leventoff
Tuesday, July 12, 2016

In order for state data systems to provide optimal insight into how combinations of courses and programs help residents access credentials, employment, and higher earnings, these systems should be inclusive of data from across the education and workforce spectrum. However, a missing piece of the puzzle in many states is data from private postsecondary institutions, who don’t necessarily have to report data to the state.

Answering the Call: Institutions and States Lead the Way Toward Better Measures of Postsecondary Performance

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation released a report, authored by Jennifer Engle, on how postsecondary data can be used to increase student outcomes and institutional performance. The report describes a framework that offers a set of metrics that are currently in use by some of the foundation's major initiatives to measure institutional performance related to student access, progression, completion, cost and post-college outcomes.